DECember 10th - Start @ 11:00 - Robbins Farm Park, Arlington MA

  • **1st Annual**

Farm 2 Families

Giving Gallop & Gatherings

Giving, every step of the way

The Giving Gallop and Gathering is your new favorite holiday run. THe gallop is a mostly flat, casual, ~8 Mile "one way ticket" jaunt from Arlington to Boston

But, the Giving Gallop is not your typical Holiday running event. Ok Sure, the gallop has some of the hallmarks of a traditional holiday season run:

  • holiday attire is strongly encouraged (We Got that)

  • There is running involved (Check)

  • the weather will be cooler (Yep)

  • Raises money for something amazing (Also Check)

However, what makes the giving gallop awesome is that its, well, all about giving. The Gallop is designed to give to families in 2 major ways:

Pediatric Cancer and Hematology

1st Part of Giving - Raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research and Care

This run is dedicated to raising funds for MGH's Pediatric Hematology Oncology Fund. This fund provides direct support for pediatric cancer research and clinical care for pediatric cancer patients. In our first year, we are looking to raise at least $2000 for the fund. It's the time of the year to be merry and give all you can to support!

Giving out gifts as we gallop

2nd Part of Giving- The gallop is an opportunity to give gifts to people we meet on the Run

There is nothing better than doing good, giving back, and bringing cheer to people this time of year. Instead of the usual "Registration fee", your "fee" is purchasing, wrapping, and bringing at least $25 worth of gift cards to hand out to those we encounter on our run. This is your chance to officially be santa